"I have used a variety of board press from wood board press to various foam board press products. BenchBlokz has been the best board press product I've used because it's compact in size, yet large enough to accommodate a 2-5 board press based on its design. Additionally, it's easy to employ because you just snap it into place on the bar and it stays secure. So, you don't need someone to hold the board press in place over your chest like a wood or some foam board press. Finally, its design is strong enough to handle proper weight distribution across your chest in a safe and secure manner. Thus, one less factor to worry about with regards to safety."

Kimberly Walford, 8x USAPL National Champion, Multiple State Record Champion- TX, NJ, CT, 2x IPF Open Raw World Champion (63kg) - (2012-2013), Current IPF 63kg Deadlift World Record Holder Current IPF 72kg, Deadlift and Total World Record Holder, 8x USAPL National Champion, 2x NAPF Pro GNC Pro Deadlift "Biggest Deadlift" and " Women's Wilks Score " Champion (2012-2013)

"Since I've started using the BenchBlokz, I have noticed that it helps me a lot with my mid range and top end lifting, I feel stronger as I am able to get good support off the block. It also helps me as I work on breaking in my bench shirt. I can really feel a difference in my triceps when I use it for close grip benching. BenchBlokz is safe and easy to use, it's also compact enough that I could put it in my gym bag and take it with me. It's great for overloading that helps me to push myself. I would highly recommend this product to any and all benchers. Thanks again BenchBlokz!!!"

Keith Daniels, WABDL 181 Masters world record 531.2lbs Bench, 2012 Olympia 540lbs Bench 1st place, IPL WORLD RECORD 540LBS Bench@198lbs Open

"BenchBlokz are such a great training tool for all individuals looking to increase their bench press. Unlike traditional boards, one BenchBlokz fits easily in a gym bag and allows for training at multiple ranges of motion. It allows a more natural bar path and is great for lifters training alone or those short on help. I use Bench Blokz regularly for raw and equipped bench pressing. They really are an exceptional tool for building a big bench.”

Preston Turner, 3x IPF Junior World Champion, 2x Arnold Sports Festival Pro Bench Champion,120kg 3 lift and single lift IPF bench press world record (722lbs and 729lbs)

"Training heavy with limited training partners during the work week can be treacherous. When I started implementing heavy board presses back into my cycle, I literally only had a spotter to hand the weight off. The BenchBlokz system alleviated the need for a board-holder, and I have to tell you, 495 for a triple to the 2-Board setting, with pauses to test the material, felt great. I think this product is a home run."

Brian Kelly, 4-time Nationally Ranked Teenage, Junior, Police & Fire, and Open Divisions 275 & 308 weight class

“They work really well for me when out on the road working. They help a lot when training in a strange gym with no help.”

Jeff Snyder, Norse Demi-God in Human Flesh, NAPF/IPF Bench Press Champion, 3x Masters National Champion, and former IPF

“BenchBlokz was a tremendous help to my lockout training. It is a perfect way to go heavy without the worry of bad, uneven (wooden) boards. Definitely something I’d recommend to any heavy bencher."

Logan Hunt, IPF Junior World Bench Press Champion

“It has always been hard finding a good training partner and lift off guy, let alone people who know how to hold (wooden) boards. With BenchBlokz I no longer have that problem. I also can carry 4 different board sizes in my gym bag without feeling like I had a workout just getting to the gym"

Tom Murray, 500+ Raw Bench Presser (USA Powerlifting)

"This is an amazing, durable, versatile product that functions exactly as advertised and replaces four sets of boards AND the partner who would normally hold them on your chest. BenchBlokz are great for both max-effort and assistance work, whether you're a shirted or raw bencher. Right "out of the box" you have four height options: 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-board. Use three different grips, and that's 12 options. Add bands or chains and there's a billion options to keep your workouts fresh. Some products are expensive, require partners to use, etc. At $59.95 and boasting easy solo use, this is a no-brainer. If you want to improve your bench, this product will help. But if you're lifting solo, this product is truly a watershed technology that will reshape the way you train your bench."

Dan Holley